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To (very) freely quote Martin Luther “Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my tropical fruit tree”. We don’t want the world to go to pieces. We are aware that the world and its growing population are facing major problems, and we want to be part of a solution, if we can. Joining forces is the key word here: nobody can turn this tide on their own. But together we might.

One of the problems where we would like to make a change is intensive farming, which has brought higher yields per hectare, but this has come at a high cost for Mother Nature. We believe that businesses must take responsibility to make repairs, and should encourage their partners in the chain to do the same. For a responsible and sustainable business, cooperation by all parties in the chain is essential.

Agrofair has formulated core principles following the 3P’s: People & Society, Planet & Ecology, and Profit & Economy. These 3 aspects should be in balance with each other to guarantee a sound and sustainable business for the long term.

Read our Sustainability Reports to learn more about AgroFairs’ sustainability approach and performance.

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