Our wonderful produce is grown mainly by small holding associations and cooperatives. They are what we call our Grower Base and they are very important to us.

Everybody that is active in the trade knows that there is a lot of work involved in getting the whole basket of gorgeous, attractive fruits into the supermarket shelves in our corner of the world, in the consistently high qualities that supermarkets need. It is not easy to get the right fruit, produced under the right circumstances, to the right place. Our growers needed a helpline. That is why our support program AgroFair South was set up in 2009, offering our growers help in four main fields of business:

Quality improvement, certifications and traceability
Improvement of productivity/cost price
Organizational skills
Teams of local quality inspectors are now assisting our producers in Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

We like to think of it as our very own Tropical Fruit Loop, allowing AgroFair to bring the right product to the market, right from the producer, and with respect for the producer’s rights!

Nicanor Cabrera (left) – Manager AgroFair South team